1. Oyster Bay Hiking Trails: Oyster Bay Hiking Trails offers beautiful day hikes in Oyster Bay.
  2. The Chokka Trail
  3. Fat Bike Rentals – Oyster Kaya offers Fat Bikes for rent. Escape the crowds and cycle to Klippenpunt.
  4. River Kaya – Click to visit

      Our Area

      1. Horse Riding – Enjoy an unforgettable experience while exploring the Coastal Reserve on horseback and have a gallop or trot along the 3,5 kilometer private beach next to the waves of the Indian Ocean. This activity always goes out with an experienced guide/s and we have various horses, which are even suitable for the “first-timers” or children. This activity is hosted by Oyster Bay Lodge 2km from Oyster Bay. 
      1. Canal & River Cruises 
      1. Seal point lighthouse 
      1. Marine Safaris 
      1. Golf
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